Send Me Stuff!

I love it when my readers show me new stuff! Send me your favorite videos, pictures, links etc and Ill post them on the blog if I find them interesting! Feel free to comment on my posts as well. I enjoy reading feedback and opinions from readers, and it really encourages me as a writer when I see comments. Comments mean a lot to me because they prove that someone actually read my work and inspired them enough to tell me hoe they feel about it. That being said….

Send your stuff to me at:

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-Big Chief



  1. Love It!

  2. Thanks! It feels great to know someone actually read my work!

  3. Absolutely! I think it’s fabulous, informative and I like your prospective. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. gANGNAMsTYLE · ·

    Please continue to post articles, you write really interesting stuff and I would love reading them! qq

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