The Top 5 Athletes to Follow on Twitter

After months of deliberation I have finally decided to create a Twitter (Follow me @thatkidchief) account. At first I was very reluctant towards making a Twitter account for one reason. I am a Facebook addict. I cannot go a whole day without checking my Facebook, and I spend copious amounts of time writing on people walls when I should be doing something more important like homework. If I studied half as much as I use Facebook daily, my GPA would be much higher than it is now. The last thing I need in my life is another social networking site to distract me. However, as a young journalist I recognize the advantages for having a Twitter.
Twitter is an outlet for people to get thoughts out of their head and onto the web in a quick and efficient manner. Twitter is much more efficient than Facebook, because there are no “friends” involved. With Facebook, your audience is limited to the number of friends you have, where as every tweet is quickly made accessible to all Twitter users. Twitter also eliminates the awkwardness of friend requests. If you come across someone interesting all you have to do is follow them, and you will have access to all their tweets. Twitter is an ideal social networking site for athletes because all they have to do is login and write a sentence or two. Then their post is instantly seen by millions of people. I joined Twitter in order to contact a few of the athletes I write about, in hopes that they will read and comment on what I have to say about them.
Many athletes have Twitter accounts, however there are a select few who have mastered the art of tweeting. The following five athletes are elite tweeters for their own unique reason. One of these athletes isn’t even on a Major League Roster anymore, yet he maintains his fame through Twitter. So without further ado, here are Big Chief’s Top 5 Athletes to Follow on Twitter:

#5) @KingJames

LeBron James is the most controversial player in the NBA today, hands down. After one shortsighted decision to join the Miami Heat at the expense of his hometown Cavs LeBron has evolved into the NBA’s greatest villain. What makes his Twitter interesting is the fact that he is an honest person who isn’t afraid to speak his mind no matter what . That fearlessness mixed with the fact that he is uncomfortable in his new villainous role, has produced some memorable and controversial tweets. Follow @KingJames and you will not be disappointed.

#4) @LoMoMarlins

Coming in at number four is Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison. Baseball is Morrison’s occupation, but with over 65,000 followers and nearly 9000 posted tweets it is easy to see that Twitter is his claim to fame. Morrison’s tweets portray him as a normal, down to earth guy who just happens to play a professional sport. He is a refreshing change from other stuck up celebrity tweeters, and he responds to, as well as follows some of his fans. Rumor has it that his recent demotion to the minor leagues was an attempt to break his tweeting habit. If that is the case, then it was a pretty ineffective attempt because Morrison’s twitter is just as active as ever.

#3) @Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal is widely regarded as one of the most charismatic players to ever step foot on a basketball court. For years his quick witted retorts have kept reporters and fans alike on their toes. Now that he is retired, Shaq has more time than ever on his hands. He uses a significant portion of that time on twitter posting hilarious videos via the iPhone app Tout. Whether its basketball, charity, or even tweeting Shaq always does it big

#2) @ochocinco

No Twitter list is complete without Chad OchoCinco. He is a talented wide receiver who has always had a voracious appetite for attention. Whether its one of his infamous touchdown dances or choosing to live with one of his fans during the preseason, OchoCinco is always doing something outlandish. As an added bonus he constantly tweets about his antics. With over two million followers, OchoCinco’s thirst for the spotlight is showing no signs of being quenched. In fact he seems to relish his fame now more than ever.

#1) @DwightHoward

Dwight Howard is a big man with a big personality. He is also taking twitter to a whole new level. Not only does he tweet regularly, he uses twitter to interact with his fans on a personal level. He makes open ended invitations via twitter to his fans for them to hang out with them. He has done photo shoots and played horse with his followers in the past, and will continue to do similar activities in the future. Follow @DwightHoward and you may be led into a fun filled day with one of the NBA’s premier players.

Honorable Mentions:

Paul Pierce:

Reggie Bush:

Lamar Odom:

Warren Sapp:

Nate Robinson:


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